Best Convenience Store POS Systems: Updated Reviews

Running a convenience store takes more than just stocking shelves. A smart Convenience Store POS System can make all difference.


This system helps manage orders, keep track of what’s in stock, handle employees, and more.

We checked out different retail POS systems, looking at prices, their ease of use, their inventory and employee skills, and even special convenience store needs.

The goal? We want to help you find the perfect POS system for your store. So, let’s jump in and uncover the perfect match for your convenience store needs.

Our Top Picks for Convenience Store POS

1. ECRS Catapult

ECRS Catapult terminal and customer LCD display next to woman in wine store

ECRS Catapult offers unmatched efficiency and quality to businesses, whether you manage a single store or a multi-unit enterprise.

It’s the ultimate solution for elevating productivity and enhancing the checkout experience.

From gift shops to grocery stores to complex retail operations, CATAPULT brings unparalleled convenience to the forefront.

Its power lies in robust features, including online ordering, cloud reporting, seamless credit card processing, and precise inventory management.

What sets CATAPULT apart is its bi-directional data integration capabilities, ensuring your store operates smoothly and efficiently. 

The comprehensive support and training ensure you can maximize the system’s potential. With low rates and expert merchant service support, CATAPULT streamlines credit and gift card processing, providing an easy experience.

Embrace CATAPULT for a transformative retail experience that drives growth and success.

ECRS Catapult Best Features

  • Flexible Retail POS: ECRS Catapult offers adaptable transaction logic addressing various customer preferences, from M-Commerce solutions to traditional touchpoints. Its sleek cabinetry and hardware perfectly complement the point-of-sale software, ensuring functionality and an appealing integration.
  • Backoffice Insight: With CATAPULT’s integrated enterprise back office suite, gain critical business intelligence for managing local or multi-location chains. The web-based interface allows real-time data access from anywhere with a secure internet connection, refining management and maintenance functions.
  • Loyalty & Marketing: Implement effective customer loyalty programs with CATAPULT to boost retention. Beyond excellent customer service, a well-executed loyalty program aids in customer retention and profit generation, and CATAPULT provides the tools to execute them effectively.
  • Inventory Control: Maximizing inventory efficiency is key to long-term success. CATAPULT’s retail automation software simply simplifies inventory management, facilitating communication with suppliers, payment processing, tracking, and unified transactions.
  • PCI Compliance: ECRS ensures PCI compliance, which is crucial for retail trade today. The PA DSS-compliant platform is managed by an internal team that monitors and addresses regulatory and security concerns. Before release, all CATAPULT versions undergo screening by third-party security companies for certification.
  • Special Offer: With CATAPULT, you get a feature-packed POS system with zero money down and financing options. Simplify your commerce operations effectively without any upfront payment. Want to find out how? Check it out here.

Additional Benefits

  • Tailored for diverse retail sectors
  • Advanced back office suite
  • Customer-centric tools for loyalty and marketing
  • Compliant with high-security standards

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2. Revel Systems

Revel Systems iPad with customer facing display on L-Stand on cafe countertop

Revel Systems offers an easy-to-use iPad POS system that combines front-of-house and back-of-house operations into a single, organized dashboard.

Designed to boost security, simplicity, and speedy service, Revel’s platform aims to equip businesses with the right tools for growth.

This system refines transactions, manages inventory, and offers robust reporting. It’s suitable for small businesses, from restaurants to retail stores.

Moreover, Revel Systems is not just about software but the partnership and support it provides.

From initial system setup to continuous training and ongoing assistance through a dedicated customer success team, Revel is with you every step.

I can confidently vouch for Revel Systems as a reliable, comprehensive, and forward-thinking solution for businesses aiming to excel in today’s competitive retail market.

Revel Systems Best Features

  • Customer Display System: Enhance transaction transparency with on-screen tips, signatures, and a clear view during checkout for faster processing.
  • Menu Building: Customize your menu with images, descriptions, modifiers, and combos to create a tailored customer experience.
  • Mobile Order Takers: Empower your team with handheld POS devices for swift order taking, ensuring accuracy and faster service by directly transmitting orders to the back end.
  • Customized Loyalty Program: Develop a client-focused loyalty program to encourage repeat business by rewarding customers based on spending or points accrued.
  • Employee Management: Streamline employee schedules, hours, and payroll via a centralized platform for efficient management.
  • Intelligent Reporting: Access insightful reports detailing top-selling items, peak business hours, and monthly progress in real-time for informed decision-making.
  • Ingredient-Level Tracking: Monitor inventory down to individual ingredients, optimizing reordering and reducing costs by ensuring optimal stock levels.
  • Stock Management: Efficiently manage inventory, whether a small stock or extensive SKUs, across multiple locations, utilizing matrix inventory management.

Additional Benefits

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Highly advanced cash management
  • Tools for shops and restaurants
  • Integrates with numerous e-commerce platforms and payment processors
  • Responsive customer support services

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3. SpotOn

SpotOn offers a comprehensive and adaptable point-of-sale solution designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the restaurant and retail industries.

This versatile platform caters to businesses seeking harmonious integration or simple mobile payment technologies.

What sets SpotOn apart is its ability to address key business challenges today. From fine-tuning operations to serving diverse industry demands, SpotOn’s feature-rich POS system empowers businesses to navigate everyday complexities efficiently.

Its flexibility and robustness shine through its capacity to grow alongside businesses, ensuring scalability and adaptability as operational needs evolve.

Users praise SpotOn for its powerful POS features encompassing everything a business might need for growth.

From online ordering to cloud reporting and cost-effective credit card processing, SpotOn covers it all.

What truly garners acclaim is the exemplary support and education offered by SpotOn. The team doesn’t just install and walk away but provides extensive training and round-the-clock customer support, ensuring businesses operate at peak efficiency.

Moreover, SpotOn’s commitment to low rates and comprehensive support for credit and gift card processing instills confidence and peace of mind for businesses relying on merchant services.

Its proven versatility across various industry segments, such as quick-service restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and online ordering platforms, further solidifies its reputation as an adaptable and industry-specific solution.

SpotOn Best Features

  • Remote Backoffice Access: Access and manage your data from anywhere with internet access. Make menu changes, edit staff details, and handle operations remotely, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  • Integrated Online Ordering: Effortlessly accept orders from your website, integrated instantly with the POS. SpotOn assists in creating a custom online ordering platform, ensuring menu updates reflect instantly.
  • SpotOn Serve for Efficient Service: Equip staff with mobile handheld POS terminals for faster service. This can significantly increase table turnover, potentially translating to additional annual revenue.
  • Comprehensive Payment Capabilities: Accept credit card, Apple Pay, and Android payments directly at the table. Real-time order transmission and loyalty information capture enhance service quality.
  • Enhanced Marketing Tools: Collect and use customer information effectively to drive repeat visits. Leverage built-in tools for discount offers, email marketing, loyalty rewards, and more to expand your marketing reach.
  • Low-Cost Delivery Solutions: SpotOn Delivery, powered by DoorDash Drive, offers affordable delivery services without managing in-house drivers. Save costs and smoothen the delivery process for customers.
  • Custom Website Development: SpotOn offers hassle-free website creation that is customized with branding, POS, and online ordering integration. Includes SEO, domain registration, and ongoing support.

Additional Benefits

  • Cost-effective delivery solutions via DoorDash Drive integration.
  • Easy website development and support services.
  • Manage your business from anywhere through cloud-based access.

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What is a Convenience Store POS System?

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a package deal that helps stores handle sales in person.

It’s made up of hardware, software, and payment services that convenience store owners use when customers make purchases.

This system handles customer transactions, processes payments, and generates receipts. The sales command center is where the seller and the buyer complete their store transactions.

Each business type needs a specialized POS system. For instance, a restaurant’s system might allow extensive customizations, while a retail one prioritizes quick payments and top-notch inventory management.

Depending on the specific POS system, you can do much more than simply process payments.

You could manage inventory, accept EBT payments, handle regulated items like alcohol and cigarettes, oversee fuel pumps, sell and pay lottery tickets, and even vend hot food via self-ordering kiosks.

Features of a Great Convenience Store POS System

  • Hotkey Shortcuts: Enhance checkout efficiency while maintaining secure access to frequently sold items.
  • Theft and Inventory Loss Prevention: Tools to proactively monitor inventory and deter potential losses, securing both merchandise and profits.
  • Identification and Age Verification: Built-in ID verification measures to comply with legal age restrictions, ensuring secure sales of age-sensitive products.
  • Sales Reporting: Detailed reports for informed decisions without compromising sensitive transaction data.
  • Lottery Ticket Sales: Secure management of lottery sales within the POS, protecting both revenue and transaction details.
  • Cloud & Hybrid POS: Secure access to data, providing the flexibility of remote management while ensuring data integrity and protection.
  • Employee Scheduling: Securely manage staff shifts and roles within the system to ensure smooth store operations.
  • Free EMV & Card Security: Compliance with EMV standards and robust card security features to safeguard sensitive cardholder information.
  • Gift & Loyalty Cards: Secure customer data handling within loyalty programs and gift card transactions.
  • Marketing Automation: Safeguard customer data while engaging in targeted marketing campaigns and automated customer interactions.
  • Online Ordering & Delivery: Secure integration with online platforms and delivery services, ensuring safe and reliable transactions with automated purchase ordering.
  • Perishable Inventory Tracking: Efficiently track and manage perishable goods like fresh produce, dairy, and bakery items with expiration dates.
  • Pay-At-Table: Secure payment options at the table to enhance customer service without compromising transaction security.
  • Self-Service Kiosk: Secure self-checkout options for customers without compromising sensitive transaction data.
  • Table Management: Efficient management of dine-in services while ensuring secure transaction handling.
  • Training and Education: Accessible training resources for staff without compromising the security of sensitive system functionalities.

What are the four types of POS?

  • Legacy POS Systems: Traditional, hardware-dependent systems with on-premises software.
  • Tablet-based POS Systems: Utilize tablets as the primary interface, often with cloud connectivity.
  • Mobile POS Systems: Portable systems, often on smartphones or tablets, allowing transactions from various locations.
  • Cloud-based POS Systems: Operate on remote servers accessible via the internet, providing flexibility and real-time data access.


So, which is the best convenience store POS? In our exploration of diverse options like ECRS Catapult, Revel Systems, SpotOn, and other contenders, it’s clear that the ideal choice hinges on unique store needs.

Consider aspects like security, features, ease of use, and scalability. Revel Systems’ intuitive interface excels along with their mobile payment innovations.

SpotOn impresses with diverse functionalities, and ECRS Catapult offers robust solutions.

Evaluate based on your store’s size, inventory complexity, and long-term goals.

The right Convenience Store POS system tailored to your requirements can revolutionize your operations. Contact us today for the best POS system that fits your online store like a glove.