Pay-At-Table Revolutionized

SkyTab™ is a powerful tool to supercharge your business! This complete mobile payment & marketing solution will take your operations to the next level, all while delivering an unmatched experience to your customers. SkyTab™ comes in two feature-packed version options to meet your business needs. Get it today integrated with your FuturePOS system or non-integrated with the new SkyTab™ Solo!

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SkyTab handheld terminal with credit card and payment receipt

Which Option Works For You?

Keep your waitstaff & delivery drivers in front of your customers all the time! Use it tableside, curbside or even on-the-go for delivery service. The SkyTab™ mobile payment terminal comes in two unique version options designed to increase your sales & productivity. Pick the solution that works for your growing business! You can even get started today for FREE for a limited time only!

Download Our SkyTab™ Curbside & Delivery White Sheet

Download Our SkyTab™ Pay-At-Table White Sheet

#1 | SkyTab™ & FuturePOS

Traditional point of sale stations aren't very mobile, but SkyTab™ with FuturePOS Mobile definitely is! This all-in-one handheld is built specifically to run your current FuturePOS software. Pay-at-table, curbside payments & delivery payments have been revolutionized! It's even complete with email marketing & customer feedback ratings!


#2 | SkyTab™ Solo

Not using FuturePOS – No Problem!! SkyTab™ Solo is the perfect solution for you! This non-integrated solution allows you to take EMV chip card payments on-the-go, regardless of your POS or payment processor. Built with 4G Wi-Fi technology, you will accept payments curbside or out on the road making delivery orders!

FuturePOS Mobile

The SkyTab™ terminal is designed to harness the power of point of sale software, right in the palm or your employees hands, with FuturePOS Mobile. This high quality, sleek and convenient solution brings the functionality of a traditional point of sale, right to the table. You can also use it curbside for takeout orders or on the road for delivery service.*

*Available on FuturePOS Mobile option only.

SkyTab handheld terminal with credit card and payment receipt

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

The SkyTab™ terminal combines top-of-the-line hardware with a simple & easy-to-navigate software interface. Each terminal comes complete with a color LCD touchscreen, built in printer, EMV chip card & standard credit card swipe slots. And the best part is, the SkyTab™ terminal comes with a lifetime warranty!

SkyTab handheld terminal with split payment screenshot

Payments On-The-Go

By utilizing EMV chip card technology in combination with point-to-point (P2PE), you and your customers will always have a peace-of-mind that critical payment data is protected. With mobile terminals, payments are accepted right in front of the customer and their card never leaves their hand.

SkyTab handheld terminal with reorder items screenshot

Reorder & Save Time

With SkyTab™ your waitstaff can turn more tables faster by eliminating the need to walk back and forth to the POS system to accomplish basic functions such as reordering menu items. Take it on the road for an easy all-in-one offsite catering solution.

SkyTab handheld terminal with tip prompt

Increase Tip Percentages

Add tips right on the terminal with a clear, easy-to-read tip prompt. The screen clearly breaks down tip suggestions based on percentage and dollar amounts making calculation simple!

SkyTab handheld terminal with email receipt screenshot

Email Marketing

Grow your email marketing database and increase repeat business by collecting email addresses during checkout. By selecting to receive email receipts, your customers agree to opt-in for updates and special offers.

SkyTab handheld terminal with ratings screenshot

Customer Ratings & Alerts

Prompt customers to rate their experience and alert management if the patron is not satisfied. Managers receive immediate alerts allowing them to rectify the situation prior to the customer leaving and posting negative reviews online.

SkyTab handheld terminal in action

Wi-Fi & 4G Enabled

Both SkyTab™ versions come fully installed and equipped with Wi-Fi and 4G capability enabled. Simply connect your terminal to your POS Wi-Fi network or connect to your cell data plan when Wi-Fi is unavailable.*

*Requires the purchase of a separate cellular data plan. Wi-Fi & 4G capability available on both SkyTab™ options.

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