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An intuitive point of sale for your staff, powerful technology for your growing business. Revel iPad POS is revolutionizing the restaurant & retail industries by integrating front-of-house and back-of-house operations into a single dashboard.  Designed to increase security, ease-of-use, and speed-of-service, Revel's POS platform has streamlined businesses with the right tools to grow.  Get started today with a FREE demo and see why Revel Systems is an industry-leading POS software solution.

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Powerful iPad POS

Grow Your Business

Now that you have found us, it’s time to get to work. Our POS specialists will discuss your business goals and research options from our vast variety of POS products before providing you with the best possible solutions for your growing business.

Powerful Features

Need a flexible, robust & innovative POS solution? We've got options! Do you need Online ordering? Cloud Reporting? Affordable Credit Card Processing? We have that too! The key to a successful POS is having all the right components to efficiently build your business.

Support & Education

We will build, install & train you on your custom system. And we don’t stop there! Our Customer Success Team is here for you 24/7 with the answers and knowledge to keep you running at top performance.

Credit & Gift Card Processing

Low Rates!! No Fluff!! Process with DBS and let us handle all of your credit card questions & support, giving you Peace-of-Mind when it comes to your merchant services.

Industry Solutions

From Full-Service Restaurants, to Cafes, to Pizzerias, and Small & Advanced Retail Stores, Revel Systems is perfect for meeting the everyday demands of the industry.



Built For Business

Welcome the World of Revel Into Your Business!

From Retail to Full Service Restaurants, the Revel iPad System is a perfect match for any type of establishment. Revel in your success with top-notch front-of-house and back-of-house features and reporting.

Revel works with businesses of all types and sizes, and understands that every business has unique needs.

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Revel Systems POS order screen on Revel C-Stand

Front of House Features

Customer Display System

  • Utilize a CDS for enhanced transparency during transactions, on-screen tips, and signatures for faster checkout.

Always On Mode

  • Keep business up and running during an Internet slow-down or power outage. Continue processing card payments, even when if the Internet goes out.

Menu Building

  • Build a menu that is the perfect fit for your restaurant. Customize individual items with images and descriptions, and use modifiers and combos so your customers get more.

Mobile Order Takers

  • Equip your team with a handheld POS to instantly take down orders and send them directly to the kitchen for improved order accuracy and speed.

Customize a Loyalty Program

  • Build a program that caters to clients and drives repeat business back to your restaurant. Reward customers for dollars spent or points accumulated!
Revel Systems POS online url on laptop

Back of House Features

Employee Management

  • Manage employee schedules, hours worked, and payroll through a singular platform.

Intelligent Reporting

  • Save time with intelligent reports that explain your top sellers, busiest hours, and monthly progress. Access valuable data in real time to make informed decisions for your business.

Ingredient-Level Tracking

  • Track inventory down to the ingredient level. Save time and costs by knowing when to reorder to maintain the right levels.

Reporting Tools

  • Save time with reports that explain your business progress and insights to you. Access valuable data in real-time to make informed decisions for your business.

Stock Management

  • Whether a small inventory or thousands of SKUs over multiple locations, keep an account of every item with matrix inventory management.

Inventory Management

  • Keep track of your inventory at the ingredient, prep, and recipe levels in real-time so you know what to restock and when.

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Revel Systems POS ipad on L-Stand

Attractive iPads & Stands

Revel L Stand (Pictured)

  • The Revel L Stand provides real counter appeal! Sturdy, at an ergonomic height for your associates, and available in a number of configurations, the Revel L Stand makes the POS easy to use.  Available in black or white, with or with out the customer display.

Revel C Stand

  • The Revel C stand is the perfect choice for when your POS needs to keep a low profile. This super sleek option fits perfectly on service stations and back bars without demanding unnecessary attention.  Available in black or white.

Apple iPad Tablets

  • iPad Pro With a massive Retina display, the iPad Pro has larger screen vs the iPad 10.2, allowing you to view the POS screen and transactions with ultimate ease. Great for point of sale stations and self-service kiosks!
  • iPad 10.2 The iPad 10.2 is perfect for a mobile ordering station or a customer display.
  • iPad Mini The iPad Mini can be used as a mobile point of sale ordering tool, best for tableside ordering or a customer-facing display. The iPad Mini is compact but delivers the same technology as the full-size iPad.
Revel Systems POS Revel Insights app on iPhone

On the Go Features

Access Your Operations Anywhere

  • Insights by Revel is the management app that gives you control of your business, anywhere. Access easy to understand reporting, and manage employee scheduling right from your phone.

Innovative Self-Service Kiosk

  • For those customers who are on the go, empower visitors to beat the lines and place their own orders from a Self-Service Kiosk

Download Our Revel Systems Self-Service Customer Kiosk White Sheet

Delivery Management

  • Accept orders, track, and manage every order in real-time from your POS. With driver monitoring and delivery time estimations, seamlessly manage deliveries from door to door.

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