Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale Software

An intuitive point of sale for your staff, powerful technology for your growing business.

Perfect For Any Business

Quick Service

  • Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Delis, Food Trucks, Frozen Yogurt, Pizzerias

Restaurant & Bar Service

  • Bars, Breweries, Nightclubs, Pizzerias, Wineries

Retail Service

  • Bakeries, Breweries, Events, Fuel Retail, Wineries

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Front of House Features

Customer Display System

  • Utilize a CDS for enhanced transparency during transactions, on-screen tips, and signatures for faster checkout.

Always On Mode

  • Keep business up and running during an Internet slow-down or power outage. Continue processing card payments, even when if the Internet goes out.

Menu Building

  • Build a menu that is the perfect fit for your restaurant. Customize individual items with images and descriptions, and use modifiers and combos so your customers get more.

Mobile Order Takers

  • Equip your team with a handheld POS to instantly take down orders and send them directly to the kitchen for improved order accuracy and speed.

Customize a Loyalty Program

  • Build a program that caters to clients and drives repeat business back to your restaurant. Reward customers for dollars spent or points accumulated!

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Attractive iPads & Stands

Revel L Stand (Left)

  • The Revel L Stand provides real counter appeal! Sturdy, at an ergonomic height for your associates, and available in a number of configurations, the Revel L Stand makes the POS easy to use.  Available in black or white, with or with out the customer display.

Revel C Stand (Right)

  • The Revel C stand is the perfect choice for when your POS needs to keep a low profile. This super sleek option fits perfectly on service stations and back bars without demanding unnecessary attention.  Available in black or white.

Apple iPad Tablets

  • iPad 2018 With a 9.7 inch Retina display the iPad 2018 allows you to view the POS screen and complete transactions with ultimate ease.
  • iPad Pro With a massive 12.9 inch Retina display, the iPad Pro has nearly double the screen of the iPad Air 2, allowing you to view the POS screen and transactions with ultimate ease.
  • iPad Mini 4 The iPad Mini 4 can be used as a mobile POS tool, best for tableside ordering or a customer-facing kiosk. With a 7.9 inch Retina display, the iPad Mini 4 is compact but delivers the same technology as the full-size iPad.

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Back of House Features

Inventory Management

  • Keep track of your inventory at the ingredient, prep, and recipe levels in real-time so you know what to restock and when.

Stock Management

  • Whether a small inventory or thousands of SKUs over multiple locations, keep an account of every item with matrix inventory management.

Employee Management

  • Manage employee schedules, hours worked, and payroll through a singular platform.

Intelligent Reporting

  • Save time with intelligent reports that explain your top sellers, busiest hours, and monthly progress. Access valuable data in real time to make informed decisions for your business.

Ingredient-Level Tracking

  • Track inventory down to the ingredient level. Save time and costs by knowing when to reorder to maintain the right levels.

Reporting Tools

  • Save time with reports that explain your business progress and insights to you. Access valuable data in real-time to make informed decisions for your business.

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On the Go Features

Innovative Self-Service Kiosk

  • For those customers who are on the go, empower visitors to beat the lines and place their own orders from a Self-Service Kiosk.

Delivery Management

  • Accept orders, track, and manage every order in real-time from your POS. With driver monitoring and delivery time estimations, seamlessly manage deliveries from door to door.

Access Your Operations Anywhere

  • Insights by Revel is the management app that gives you control of your business, anywhere. Access easy to understand reporting, and manage employee scheduling right from your phone.

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