Retail POS Software

Technology for the retail revolution.

Flexible Retail POS

Powered by a single, powerful software solution, ECRS Catapult offers multiple ways to interact with customers, from M-Commerce solutions to traditional POS lanes. This is important as customer preferences vary greatly with new technology constantly introduced into everyday life. ECRS offers well-designed, streamlined cabinetry and hardware to compliment its point of sale software so that your point of sale system looks as good as it runs.

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Backoffice Insight

Insight is everything when it comes to running an efficient, profit-producing enterprise. It is a careful balancing act of doing more with less without sacrificing quality and service. ECRS’ fully integrated enterprise back office suite provides the insight to effectively and efficiently manage locally-owned businesses as well as multi-location regional or national chains. Because the ECRS office suite is web-based, critical data and maintenance functions can be accessed, by authorized users, from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

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Hardware Pulling It's Weight

Be the first to order the industry’s only POS scale solution powered by CATAPULT®. Designed around the simple concept of a friction-free transaction experience, the AutoScale 100 is a leap forward into the future of retail.

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Loyalty & Marketing

Industry statistics make a compelling case for implementing a customer loyalty rewards program. Simply stated, if you aren’t retaining customers, you are losing profits. While studies show that excellent customer service is the most important factor in building repeat business, a properly executed loyalty program can also aid in retention. This is why so many retailers have implemented customer loyalty systems; however, a poorly executed loyalty program can not only prove ineffective at building customer loyalty, it can actually negatively impact your bottom-line.

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Inventory Control

Inventory-related expenses consume the majority of a retailer’s overhead; therefore, it is critical to engage the correct tools to make your inventory work for you instead of against you. Maximizing inventory is critical to long-term success. ECRS’ retail automation software, Catapult, provides comprehensive enterprise inventory solutions from automated replenishment to inventory control tracking.

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PCI Compliance

Catapult is certified PA DSS compliant by the PCI Security Standards Council to assist the retailer in achieving PCI DSS compliance. Because PCI compliance is an ever-changing, but critically important, part of doing business in today’s retail world, ECRS has committed an internal team just to the management of this, and other, regulatory issues. The ECRS Security team monitors industry regulations and security concerns for all software and hardware that ECRS deploys. This group works closely with our marketing team to quickly and accurately communicate security and regulatory information to our customers, ensuring they stay ahead of coming threats or changes. Prior to release, all Catapult versions are sent to a leading third-party security company for screening and then to the PCI Security Standards Council for final certification.

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