POS Business Systems – Not Just For Front Of House

POS business systems are revolutionizing the restaurant and retail industry.

It's rare to visit a business these days and not see some form of POS business system in place. Whether it's servers using smartphones to take orders or a hip new retail outlet using tablets at checkouts, POS systems are reshaping how businesses interact with their customers.

While much of the focus is on how these POS solutions improve a server's efficiency or give salespeople the opportunity to complete a sale on the floor at the product, these aren't the only benefits. 

POS business systems also offer businesses several business benefits and advantages that work behind the scenes. Some of these features might not be as visible or exciting as a contactless payment solution. However, they could provide even more significant improvements to how your business operates. 

Today, we'd like to look at some of the back-office solutions and features of point-of-sales systems that often go overlooked. 

Inventory Management

Business moves quicker than ever. Technology has enabled sophisticated supply chain advancements that effortlessly move products worldwide. Because of these breakthroughs, customers have become spoiled by choice. They expect what they want to be in stock and available when they need it – or they'll find it some place else. 

This makes it crucial to have an inventory management system that can take advantage of the latest technology. You enjoy seamless, real-time updates when your inventory management system is integrated with your POS system. You never have to worry about something not being inputted correctly or waiting for inventory day to verify what you have. 

A POS business system, like Revel Systems, helps you track inventory at ingredient, prep, and recipe levels. You'll always know when a surge has occurred and you need to shift your restock order. 

This level of up-to-the-minute inventory management ensures you save time and money. You'll only order what you need when needed, so you always maintain the correct inventory levels. 

You can also accept orders and track everything remotely through your POS system. With driver monitoring features, you can manage deliveries door-to-door from wherever you are located. 

Employee Management

Many are unaware that the best POS business systems also allow you to manage your employees. 

Rather than trying to integrate multiple separate pieces of software and systems, you can manage almost everything your business needs from one POS system

With the right POS business system, you can manage all your employees' schedules, check their hours worked on the fly, and process payroll through a single platform. This helps your team achieve peak efficiency and performance at all times. 

It also means you don't have to juggle multiple interfaces or solutions. With one POS solution in place, you can spend less time micromanaging your employees and more time focused on running your business. 

Advanced Reporting

Successful modern businesses make decisions backed by data. To be as agile as necessary to compete in today's market, you need to have real-time data so you can make informed decisions for your business. 

A POS business system, like Revel Systems, provides you with the insights you need to stay competitive. 

You'll make improvements to how your business operates thanks to intelligent reports that cover everything in your business, like:

  • Who are your top sellers
  • When are your peak hours
  • How much progress you're making month-to-month

With a complete understanding of your business progress, you'll know what to do and when. Best of all, this information can be generated quickly and easily, so you'll spend less time generating reports. 

Experience an All-in-One Back-Office Solution

POS business systems are like an iceberg. Most only consider what's above the water. But there is so much more going on behind the scenes. 

POS solutions, like Revel Systems, are intuitive and powerful additions to your business that can help grow your business to the next level. Integrating front and back-of-house operations into a single dashboard streamlines operations. You enjoy more security, a much easier-to-use interface, and improved speed on everything from inventory to reporting. 

Whether you're running a retail operation or a full-service restaurant, Revel Systems is a perfect match for your business needs. Revel has experience helping businesses of all types and sizes, from the smallest boutiques to the largest restaurants. 

If you're tired of managing things the old way or juggling multiple software solutions, schedule a free demo today to see why Revel Systems is leading the POS business system industry.

DBS is here to help with all of your point of sale needs. We can help you find the best POS system for your restaurant or retail operations.  Contact us today to see how DBS can help your business thrive.