9 Benefits Of Restaurant Point of Sale Systems That Will Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

POS business systems are revolutionizing the restaurant and retail industry.

The restaurant industry is constantly changing and evolving, thanks to technological advancements. If you’re in the restaurant business, you know that virtually every aspect of your work has been impacted in some way by recent technological advances.

One advancement that has disrupted and revolutionized the food service industry is restaurant point of sale systems.

At the start, the basic concept was simple. You update the old, clunky computer systems for newer restaurant point of sale systems. With a restaurant point of sale system, you added a hardware and software system that allows staff to take orders directly from the customer. Early systems were revolutionary enough just because they allowed your team to stay with your customers when inputting every minor update and change.

But restaurant point of sale systems didn’t stop there. Over the years, they continued to grow and evolve. Today’s POS system solutions have become vital pieces of technology powering virtually all aspects of the restaurant business. Some POS systems provide employee management solutions, integrate with inventory management systems, or even help with payroll

POS system solutions are certainly an invaluable asset to virtually every industry. But no group benefits as much as the restaurant industry. Suppose all you know about restaurant point of sale systems is table-side ordering. In that case, it’s worth studying a bit more about recent developments to make sure you’re getting the most from them.

If all you need from your restaurant point of sale system is table-side ordering, there are basic systems that allow that. But, if you need help with inventory, employee management, payroll, and more, you could also implement a POS system that improves these processes as well.

How Do Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Benefit My Business?

Every restaurant is unique and handles its operations differently. To fully explore the specific benefits to your restaurant or business, it’s best to book a demonstration with us where we can look at your operations and suggest the right POS system solutions for your needs.

Still, there are a few overarching benefits that apply to most restaurants we can discuss today:

Grow your revenue potential

The quicker you can take orders, the faster your service becomes. The savings in time might not seem like much, but over 12 hours of service, all those minutes really start to add up. That means more table turnover and possibly less staff needed on the floor. Some restaurant point-of-sale systems even have customer loyalty programs or other extra add-ons that can further boost your marketing and income generation potential.

Boost customer service

No customer enjoys sitting at their table for minutes, unable to flag down a server. Restaurant POS systems allow your servers to stay active and engaged with your customers instead of running off to distant terminals for every need. That means more time to talk, build rapport, and possibly upsell new promotional items. POS system solutions. also allow your servers to take the most popular forms of payments directly at the table, improving customer satisfaction.

Analyze reports in real-time

New restaurant POS systems provide you with invaluable real-time data on everything going on inside your restaurant. You can check everything from how well marketing promotions are running to customer behavioral trends for the day. This information can be used to double down on things that are working well for your restaurant and stop what isn’t. You never have to guess about what to do in your restaurant again. With restaurant point of sale systems, all your business decisions can be based on hard data.

Increase accuracy

Because your servers (or customers, depending on the restaurant POS system you choose) are handling transactions directly at the table, that’s less opportunity for mistakes to come in. Even the best servers can forget an order in the time they’ve walked across the restaurant to the older restaurant computer system. Fewer mistakes, of course, result in happier customers. It also means less food and time wastage in the back of the house.

Simplify inventory management

Inventory management is often overlooked by newer restaurants. It’s not as sexy as filling your restaurant with influencers or getting reviewed by famous websites. Still, inventory management is a crucial determinant of how successful and profitable your restaurant will be. Some restaurants piece together solutions from multiple sources instead of using an all-in-one solution. With fully integrated restaurant POS systems, you don’t have to juggle and learn multiple systems. And you’re always sure that you have up-to-the-minute looks at what’s selling and not, so you can order the right amount of food every time.

Improve employee management

Most modern computer systems for restaurants include time clocks and employee management options. You’ll have a full view of who’s logging in, when, from where, and how they perform each shift. Not only does it give you a more transparent view of your employees, but it’s also one less piece of software you need to learn and implement in your restaurant – potentially saving you time and money.

Reduce errors and thefts

With full transparency and oversight over everything going on in your restaurant, your inventory is more accurate than ever. You’ll know every sale, refund, and incoming piece of inventory and every time the register is opened with a “no sale,” when discounts are handed out, and how many refunds are being given. According to the National Restaurant Association, 75% of shrinkage in inventory comes from stealing, usually from restaurant staff. Having better tracking allows you to lower the likelihood of someone dipping into restaurant supplies.

Save time through automation

Some of the best restaurant POS systems allow you to set up time-saving automation to help you manage mundane, repetitive tasks. For example, you can be alerted when a rush on a specific menu item causes you to need to order more ingredients. Some POS system solutions . can even handle the ordering for you.

Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution

Modern restaurant point-of-sale systems are built to maximize the power of the cloud. That means you get improved backup solutions for your data without having to pay extra. With some POS system solutions, you can also manage things remotely – like when you’re sick at home, on vacation, or managing multiple outlets or franchises.

Take your restaurant to the next level with a modern restaurant POS system today

There are modern restaurant point-of-sale systems available for any type of restaurant. From small mom-and-pop shops all the way up to multi-state franchise operations. If you’re running a restaurant today, it’s vital you not only have a restaurant POS system but that you have the right solution for your needs.

You shouldn’t pay for the latest and greatest features if you don’t need them. Take the time to research and talk to knowledgeable people before deciding. Schedule a demonstration with us today. We’ll walk you through your options and ensure you have the right restaurant POS system for your business.