Featured Installation: DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza

Brian Nelson, co-owner of DaNizza Wood Fired Pizza has some enterprising ideas. One of these ideas is his new Salisbury, Maryland restaurant located at 1400 S. Salisbury Boulevard. The repurposed University tire store is now home to four restaurants and a bar. Seating is under a glass atrium and can accommodate up to 200 people. The single Earth stone oven at DaNizza operates between 800 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In a matter of two minutes, whole personal pizza orders are ready for consumption by locals and college students a like.

Brian decided to go with DBS for his point of sale system with a special request – Customer Self Ordering Kiosks. Two large tablet style touch screen monitors are positioned for customers to customize and order their own personal size pizza.

DBS totally revamped the installation customer interface procedures a few years ago. “There is a process that covers every aspect of the design goals as directed by the customer. This is a customized process as no two customers are alike”, said David McFarland, DBS Research & Development Manager.

DBS Project Manager Tyler Jarmon took the lead role in the kiosk design and layout. DBS Graphic Designer Melissa Korik worked with Jarmon on creating a vibrant, eye catching colored pos system that was also user friendly. The flow of the system makes it simple for customers because its set up in the same manner as you would order a pizza, from the sauce to the cheese to the toppings. There were multiple menu design meetings before the green light was given to deploy the format. These meetings covered layouts, buttons, graphics, customer flow.