POS Roadshows 2019


Are you interested in the latest technologies in the Point of Sale industry? Are you looking to upgrade your current system or check out a new system all together? Join us for our FREE Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale Roadshows coming to a location near you! Pre-register now for our FREE Restaurant & Retail Point of Sale Roadshow! We are giving away a $50 Visa Gift Card for just pre-registering. All attendees will also be eligible for a chance to win an Apple iPad!* We will also have great discounts on paper rolls & ribbons!


POS Softwares That Drive Business


OrderCounter POS

OrderCounter offers a robust hybrid POS solution complete with built-in remote access, a one-of-a-kind modifier system & integrated online ordering & much more!

Future POS

Great features including cloud backoffice, multi-column modifiers, mobile EMV handhelds, and full customizations, help propel your business to the next level.

Digital Dining POS

Digital Dining has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry providing fast, accurate, and easy-to-use software, driven by industry leading reporting.

ECRS Catapult POS

From gift shops, to grocery stores, to the most advanced retail operations, ECRS Catapult's versatility and reliability will take your business to the next level.

Revel Systems POS

Designed to increase security, ease-of-use, and speed-of-service, Revel's cloud iPad POS platform has streamlined businesses with the right tools to grow.


New for 2019, the POSIFLEX RT Series radiates in its new design – featuring an ultra-slim and sleek look that exhibits elegance. The RT Series is taking POS terminal design into the next level, setting your brand image apart from the others.

  • Multiple LCD Screen Sizes Including 15.6″ Widescreens
  • Clean Cable Management
  • LCD Customer Facing Display or Linear Displays Available
  • Optional Built-In Magstripe Reader & 2D/RFID Scanner

OrderCounter Hybrid POS

DBS is proud to introduce it's latest point of sale software to our growing product line. OrderCounter Hybrid Point of Sale offers a local server based system with the reliability of traditional POS systems and the cloud functionality every business needs.  Check out some of the features that make this software solution stand out from its competition!

  • Built-In Online & Remote Backoffice
  • Scheduled Email Reporting
  • Flexible Default & Standalone Modifier System
  • Data Redundancy That Keeps You Running
  • Integrated Online Ordering Built By OrderCounter
  • Tablet EMV Tableside Ordering

Tableside POS & Security

Introducing the future of credit card security!  We have handheld POS & printer solutions equipped with tableside EMV chip card technology so your customers credit cards never need to leave their sight.  DBS has different handheld solutions depending on your needs and environment.

  • Accepts EMV Chip Cards
  • Card Swipes Included for Non-EMV Cards
  • Durability & Reliability
  • Increase Staff Efficiency & Mobility
  • Similar to Your POS Terminal, Only It's Portable!
  • Print Checks From The Terminal or Mobile Printers

Flexible Pricing Options

There are hundreds of different products on the market today from POS stations, to printers, to payments devices, and much more. How is a merchant to know what hardware is right for their business?? That’s were DBS comes in. We are POS people and we have the knowledge and the products to ensure your business is running at top-notch reliability, all the time. Already have a POS? In addition to the core POS components, we offer a wide array of add-on peripheral devices to enhance your system, increase performance and improve functionality.
We have innovative programs designed to get you a cutting-edge point of sale hardware at ZERO Money Down!

Expand Your Market

ELIMINATE THE TABLETS! Let’s face it, there are tons of third party online ordering platforms out there such as Grubhub, UberEats, etc. Each one coming with their own tablet for receiving orders. Each one requiring your staff to not only see the order coming in, but manually transfer that order to the POS in an accurate, timely fashion. We have a solution to eliminate the tablet system and integrate many third-party ordering solutions right into your point of sale.

  • Branded Online Ordering Website
  • Expand Your Business Footprint & Customer Reach
  • Mobile, Web & App Ordering from Anywhere
  • Gain Insite with Data Analytic Tools
  • Eliminate Third-Party Tablet Solutions
  • Improve Staff & Ordering Efficiency

Engage Your Customers

Digital Signage is quickly becoming a standard feature in the retail & hospitality industry helping improve customer communications and create a livelier atmosphere. The way your products look is important and influences buying decisions and customer satisfaction. Enhance your brand and bring a level of efficiency to your business with the addition of DBS Digital Signage solutions.

  • Display Vibrant and Dynamic Products & Daily Specials
  • Easily Introduce New Menu Items & Promotions
  • Suggestive Selling & Upselling
  • Improve Branding & Product Recognition
  • Save Money on Design, Printing & Advertising Costs
  • Provide Visual Entertainment for Your Customers