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Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Service Agreements
Service Agreements

As a member of our Preferred Partner Program you will benefit from:

    *24/7 Remote, Phone Support and Chat Support at www.dbs4pos.com
    *15% Discounts on Hardware
    *20% Discount off of On-Site Support Charges


    Our Annual Preferred Partner Program is offered via installment payment, monthly or quarterly via ACH

    Our DBS Client Services Team is available for more details and pricing information! Please call at 302-395-0900, email us at services@dbs4pos.com or chat online!


    Warranty Hardware Replacements
    Unlimited Replacement of Failed Hardware Under Warranty - while there will be an on-site labor charge (at the reduced 20% rate) we will replace any unit under warranty with a comparable piece of equipment and it will remain within your warranty.  (Equipment damaged by acts of nature or miss-use will not be covered.)
    Other Reduced Labor Rates

    *Reduced training rates of $49.95 per hour

    *Reduced menu entry rates of $49.95 per hour

    *Free labor on repairs made at one of our 3 offices

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