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Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician provides 24/7, real-time monitoring and alerting for your entire POS system often times BEFORE there is a major problem by sending alerts to our technicians with critical information they need to resolve the issue. DBS Help Desk technicians have real-time visibility into the exact condition of the point-of-sale systems from an enterprise level down to a specific location.  Using the PCI compliant secure remote control option, DBS technicians can respond to alerts quickly, thus preventing small issues from becoming big problems that impact your business. Delivered as a software as a service application, Virtual Technician does not require additional software licenses or hardware for deployment.


Full System Monitoring
Providing access to system information and changes puts our technicians in a better position to diagnose and resolve issues more efficiently and effectively.

Hardware Monitoring
Real time monitoring and alerts based on low disk space, high RAM/CPU usage, windows updates, IP address changes, and USB drives being plugged into the system.

Ability to monitor and alert for failed credit card batches, credit card server not responding, and the ability to detect and fix most printing issues.
Remote Access
2 factor authentication that is PCI validated by Trustwave.
Reduced Or Eliminated Downtime
Reduce downtime to keep your business running smoothly.
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