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With a diverse background in both advanced technology and restaurant management – the PosIQ team has forged a powerful new platform which brings the best concepts of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) specifically to the restaurant industry. Merging high tech with traditional restaurant marketing and management techniques, PosIQ will help your business both attract new guests and nurture existing relationships, resulting in a more efficient and successful operation. Unlike other Internet services that gather up data on YOUR customers, PosIQ keeps the guest data inside your POS system. Everything is secure, and PosIQ will never share your data.


Personalize Everything
The more you understand about your guests - the more you can personalize their experience. PosIQ automates this learning and makes it super easy to engage the right customers with just the right message and product. 
Loyalty without the blindfold

It's amazing how many restaurant loyalty solutions exist today. In reality, they're all the same; lots of check-ins, gimmicks, and give aways—all of it gives you no meaningful data about your guests.

PosIQ is different. We do an incredible job of associating real people (your guests) to transactions inside your restaurant's POS system. We call this guest tracking, and we do it better than anybody else.

Tracking for any concept

Your restaurant is unique. PosIQ is flexible enough to let you choose from several guest tracking methods.

Some have the guest do the work, some involve the staff, and others are completely automated. You decide which methods work best for your location.

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