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Cyber-Security Alert
Cyber-Security Alert
Attention customers - Visa has recently released a cyber-security alert for anyone who utilizes a point-of-sale company, such as DBS, to operate their establishment. The alert focuses on cyber criminals that are exploiting remote management access tools such as Logmein, PCAnywhere, or VNC (to name a few). Their goal is to obtain unauthorized access to computers in an attempt to steal sensitive data such as credit card information. Please be aware that DBS will only connect to our client’s point-of-sale systems using our secure “Rescue” portal that requires the end-user to authenticate the connection. We have posted the security alert on our website as well as our social media outlets. If you feel like your system may have malware installed on it, please contact DBS technical support today so we can verify that your POS system is clean.

To view the full alert from Visa, please click HERE.

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