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Restaurant POS Software

Whether you operate one restaurant or manage a multi-unit enterprise, OrderCounter Hybrid Point of Sale is a software solution that will help you run a successful business.  OrderCounter offers a quality front-end POS software solution, robust back-end reporting, built-in remote access allowing you to stay on top of your business from anywhere, and integrated online ordering.

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Powerful Restaurant POS

Grow Your Business

Now that you have found us, it’s time to get to work. Our POS specialists will discuss your business goals and research options from our vast variety of POS products before providing you with the best possible solutions for your growing business.

Powerful Features

Need a flexible, robust & innovative POS solution? We've got options! Do you need Online ordering? Cloud Reporting? Affordable Credit Card Processing? We have that too! The key to a successful POS is having all the right components to efficiently build your business.

Support & Education

We will build, install & train you on your custom system. And we don’t stop there! Our Customer Success Team is here for you 24/7 with the answers and knowledge to keep you running at top performance.

Credit & Gift Card Processing

Low Rates!! No Fluff!! Process with DBS and let us handle all of your credit card questions & support, giving you Peace-of-Mind when it comes to your merchant services.

Industry Solutions

From Quick & Full-Service Restaurants, to Pizzerias, to Bars & Night Clubs, and Online Ordering, OrderCounter is perfect for meeting the everyday demands of the industry.


Beyond Just Point of Sale

Run your restaurant the way you intend it and focus on what matters most. OrderCounter is a Hybrid Point of Sale Solution.  We offer a local server based system with the reliability of traditional POS systems and the cloud functions that every business needs. Do you manage multiple locations? OrderCounter offers a centralized management system for both large and small restaurant groups.

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Remote Backoffice Access

Unlike traditional POS systems where the data is local, or a cloud based system where all of your data is held in the cloud, OrderCounter is truly a hybrid solution. You own your data locally however you can access it from the cloud, anytime, anywhere. Add menu items, make menu changes, edit staff members, all from the comfort of your home, on vacation, or anywhere in the world with internet access!

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Customize Your Modifiers

That's right!  When it comes to making order customizations, OrderCounter has it figured out!  Do you want your most common modifiers right on the main screen with your menu items?  DONE!  Do you want easy access to default modifiers & changes?  DONE!  Do you want full flexibility on how your modifiers display and print to your kitchen?  DONE!  Don't believe us?  Let us show you how OrderCounter's modifier system is revolutionizing the order taking process!

Integrated Online Ordering

Enhance your customer’s experience by accepting orders from your website. OrderCounter has designed their own Online Ordering platform that instantly and seamlessly integrates with the point of sale. Add menu items or make changes to the POS and watch them instantly replicate on your custom online ordering website!

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POS Mobility

OrderCounter POS solutions include traditional terminal-based applications, as well as tablet solutions for Bar/Nightclub. Fine Dining/Tableservice, QSR, Fast Casual, Drive Thru, Pizza and Delivery. Our rugged tablet based solution is even quipped with a built-in EMV chip card reader for true server mobility!

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Data Redundancy

Don't worry about your point of sale not showing up for work one day. OrderCounter replication assures that the rest of your system stays up and running, even if a terminal goes down.

Employee Scheduling

The ultimate scheduling playground is here! Integrate your employee time clock into your point of sale!

  • Schedule On Your Terms  No more writing down schedules on paper and automate your scheduling process, easily. Complete your weekly schedule quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep The Best Staff  Keep the best staff by offering flexible, trackable, and well-communicated scheduling
  • Eliminate Overtime  Find out where to save even more by eliminating overtime hours
  • Save Management's Time  Eliminate wasted management hours on schedule building, tracking and fixing
  • Cut Unscheduled Hours  Eliminate unscheduled hours
  • Use Our Time Clock  Eliminate expensive time clock by using our app on any mobile device

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