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Each month, week & even day we are constantly adding new faces to our DBS customer portfolio! Check out these new featured businesses now proudly using our point of sale solutions! We encourage you to visit their locations and enjoy all they have to offer to the restaurant & retail community!


Magic Touch Car Wash is a locally owned business located in New Castle, Delaware. They recently powered up their first ever point of sale system using the OrderCounter Hybrid POS software.

The POS will provide the owner a much needed customer loyalty and tracking program. Typically, car wash businesses offer an incentive to existing customers to return again and again. With the new POS system, they will have a better means of tracking the number of washes, the type of wash and the frequency of customer visits.

The system can even send an email out to customers once they reach a certain number of washes to alert them of a discounted or free wash. No more hole punch cards for the customers to carry around, get lost between the seats of their car and are impossible to locate while in line at the car wash.

Magic Touch Car Wash
1707 New Castle Ave, New Castle, DE 19720
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