Monthly Customer Spotlight

All of our customers have amazing stories behind their businesses success. Every month we feature a new local business for inspiration and praise. We thank all of our partners and businesses for all they do and their support of our products & services!


Dating back 275 years to 1745, the General Warren has evolved from  being known as The Admiral Vernon, a Revolutionary War rendezvous point, tavern, inn and post office in Chester County. It was renamed in 1825 to The General Warren Tavern to honor Dr. Joseph Warren, who died at Bunker Hill, the first American general killed in a revolution. The General Warren has since been transformed into a 21st century restaurant and boutique hotel with private party rooms & alfresco dining.

From the 1830’s through the early 20th century, the “Warren Tavern” went through some challenging times to survive. With the advent of railroads and the automobile, it was frequented more often because of its key location along the main line. Since 1987, proprietor Patrick Byrne and his team have strived to transform the Malvern, Pennsylvania restaurant and country inn into a landmark destination of hospitality. Today, guests at the historic General Warren will find the perfect blend of old-world charm, excellence in American cuisine, fine wines and delightful overnight accommodations.

DBS installed General Warren in April 2003 with Digital Dining software. The legacy continues as proprietor Byrne remains at the helm and continues to use DBS for hardware, support and software enhancements.

Says Patrick about his 17-year relationship with DBS – “Consistency, reliability, pricing and attention to the details is what customers expect from me. It’s a matter of sustainability and survival. I expect the same from my business partners. DBS has and continues to be a vital part of my business growth and our continued success”.

Patrick Byrne
Owner, General Warren
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