Monthly Customer Spotlight

All of our customers have amazing stories behind their businesses success. Every month we feature a new local business for inspiration and praise. We thank all of our partners and businesses for all they do and their support of our products & services!


Fairfax Discount Liquors is located in Fairfax Shopping Center off of Route 202 in Wilmington, Delaware. This newly remodeled and expanded store has a large selection of wine, beer and spirits. They have a friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff that will help you pick out the perfect product for you. You can even special order your favorite wine or spirit. With over 300+ beers to choose from, you’ll be able to find just the right beer!

Fairfax Liquors store has grown however they still remain “small enough to know you but large enough to serve you!”

“I have been with DBS for over five years. They have met and exceeded our IT expectations. Their phone services and troubleshooting capabilities have been great! When we call them with questions, we always hang up with the proper answers, as a result of their knowledgeable staff responses. I would strongly recommend DBS for computer and liquor store POS registers.”

Bob Aerenson
Owner, Fairfax Discount Liquors
2219 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803