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Located along the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina offers a varied dining experience. They offer indoor and outdoor seasonal casual dining and a full-service marina with short and long-term dock rentals.

Chesapeake City, Maryland is a beautiful small-town village located right on the C&D Canal and rich in local history that embraces a wide region. The C&D Canal is a 14 mile and 450 ft. wide ship canal that connects the Delaware River with the Chesapeake Bay. Since 1933 the Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District continues to manage the canal overseeing the canal is in Chesapeake City too. The history of the canal goes back to 1764 when the original concept was created. Construction did not begin until 1804 whereby this stretch of water would shorten the distance of traveling from Philadelphia to the Chesapeake Bay by 300 miles. Commerce by shipping played an important role in the creation of the canal and this continues to this day.

Arriving in the United States in 1967, Mr. Giuseppe Martuscelli began working in Philadelphia as a cook. Over the next several years his vision began to grow of one day opening his own restaurant. In 1978 he came to Newark, Delaware and opened La Casa Pasta. The business quickly became a lifestyle of seven-day workweeks; fine-tuning culinary skills and providing customers with what they wanted.

The hard work and diligence paid off several years later in 1996, in Chesapeake City, Maryland, when he opened the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina with his son Gianmarco. Over the years the Chesapeake Inn has become an eastern shore go-to spot for special events, live entertainment dining and weddings.

The Martuscelli families most recent addition to the restaurant group is Klondike Kate's Restaurant & Saloon in Newark Delaware. Adding Kate's to the portfolio has rounded off the group and its offerings to the area. No matter which location you choose, their team is dedicated to making your next special event one of a kind.

Today, La Casa Pasta, the Chesapeake Inn & Klondike Kate's restaurants are still family owned and operated. All the Martuscelli properties are kept current with trends in the industry by implementing creative marketing and management programs for their staff. However, the main focus remains on a strong and successful foundation comprised of food, family and a strong work ethic, which has earned the trust of patrons since day one.

Giuseppe & Gianmarco Martuscelli
Owners, Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina
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