Monthly Customer Spotlight

All of our customers have amazing stories behind their businesses success. Every month we feature a new local business for inspiration and praise. We thank all of our partners and businesses for all they do and their support of our products & services!


Think of a California Tequila & Taco Bar on the East Coast situated right next door to Trolley Square Oyster House! An extensive taco and tequila menu will await you at your table daily in a fun, coastal atmosphere!

Since 1997, the Sugrue brothers have grown their hospitality concepts to seventeen restaurants. Eric focuses on customer relations and management while Norm's emphasis is on the creative culinary side. The philosophy is quite simple: to provide the best food, the best service and atmosphere with customer satisfaction as the highest priority.

“We have worked with DBS for over 20 years. Our business relationship began with Big Fish Grill in Rehoboth Beach and has now grown to 17 locations. Most of our experience has been with Digital Dining Point of Sale and recently Future POS. The DBS team has always been accessible, supportive and motivated in finding solutions. Together we have overcome many challenges and learned a lot! We really look forward to continuing our relationship and to a successful 2019 with the opening of our newest location, Bar Roja!”

Holly Monaco
VP, Big Fish Restaurant Group