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Let's take a trip to Atlantic City, shall we? This New Jersey seaside resort dates back to 1870 where the Boardwalk Empire was born. By 1875 a railroad was constructed to bring a select few folks (invitation only) to the shore for “therapeutic reasons.” That was the story they gave to gain acceptance by local politicians, then the gambling took over and the rest is history.

The boom period began in 1903 with the construction of Queen Anne style hotels like the Traymore and Marlborough Hotels. Growth was steady right up until prohibition with the construction of The Ritz Carlton, The Breakers and The Chelsea Inn. Once the popularity grew the crowds started to arrive. Visitors couldn't wait to get to the boardwalk and get to the Atlantic Ocean, They didn't even bother to put on a bathing suit. Stepped right off the train and went into the ocean with their clothes on. In 1903, Lizzie Magee created a board game based on the names of the streets…Monopoly!

The Chelsea Inn is one of those survivor buildings that has managed to withstand demolition and continue with elegance and grace. DBS is proud to service and support The Chelsea Inn for all of their point of sale needs!

Chelsea Pub & Inn
8 South Morris Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ
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